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Your generous giving of your time, talents and resources allows us to bless many people in our church family, our community and around the world. 

...In Our Church Family

We have diverse church backgrounds—Justin is from Lutheran from the cradle, but skipped once he made it to college. I was Episcopal from birth, attended and worked for Southern Baptist, Methodist and Episcopal. We had previously attended a United Methodist church. While we enjoy contemporary service, we found ourselves wanting communion with people and God in the physical wine and bread and also the community we knew from our youth. We went looking because we were having our first child and knew we wanted her to have a solid foundation.

We joined St. Anne’s because of a handshake—the passing of the peace. It is a little gesture, but envelopes you in warmth every time. We found a family, a community, a village.

We have stayed because my oldest has loved every minute of her children’s education. We have stayed because people truly want to invest in each other and know how we are doing. And we want to know how they are doing.   

We continue to invest ourselves, our talents, our treasure, our time because we find joy in being able to be ill-equipped but graciously accepted.

St. Anne's people share a holy love that embraces each of us wholly.

~ Christine

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...In Our Community

From Lara Gay, Associate Director at Community Link:
Thank you for your very generous support to Community Link.... Last year our donors made it possible to feed over 24,000 people without access to the food they need.... Thank you for helping us serve NW Tarrant County and the children of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District.

...Around the World

From Father Williams at Food for the Poor:
I write to express my gratitude to you and the great people of St. Anne's Church, for your kindness before and during my recent visit to you. St. Anne's is such a warm and caring community!!

Thank You for Your Generosity


Educational Materials

Building and Grounds


Your generosity helps to support our church staff and their families. Click here to learn more about our St. Anne's Church staff.

Building and Grounds

Educational Materials

Building and Grounds


Bring your children or grandchildren to play on our playground! We have some exciting projects on the way—remodeling our restrooms and more.

Educational Materials

Educational Materials

Educational Materials


Your generous giving allows us to provide wonderful learning experiences for our children and adults—in classes, VBS and Sunday School.


Marketing and Growth

Educational Materials


Thank you for giving so generously—food, toys, school supplies, donations—to Community Link, Patriot PAWS, NICA, Food for the Poor, Effie Morris Elementary, ARDF and more.

Marketing and Growth

Marketing and Growth

Marketing and Growth


Our electronic sign was updated; and our marketing partner, SRG, designed our logo.


Marketing and Growth

Marketing and Growth


Thank you for supporting our many church activities—our Pentecost Picnic, Chili Cook-off, Stewardship Dinner and more. We're building memories, friendships and God's family.